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Meet Carmen Calhoun: a virtuoso of Musical Soul Therapy, breathwork facilitator, and prophetic singer. With her unique blend of folk, country, rock, neo-soul, jazz, and African rhythms, she stands as a three-time recording artist behind the award-winning projects “Broken & Blessed,” “Life,” and “I Am.” Carmen’s songwriting prowess has not only earned her global acclaim but also prestigious awards, including a notable second-place in the Gospel/Christian category of the 2004 International Songwriting Competition.

Beyond her musical talents, Carmen is a revered author, speaker, and a beacon of spiritual and emotional healing. Her work, infused with divine inspiration, compares favorably with luminaries like Babbie Mason, Jill Scott, and Nicole C. Mullen. Carmen Calhoun is more than an artist; she’s a journey, inviting you into a world where music heals, breathwork transforms, and the prophetic voice guides.

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